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Esme Forrest

I was brought to Speysound by PJ who kindly allowed me to do a 20 minute slot each week on his show ‘The Wastelands’. Before that I’ve always been passionate about music; about finding new music and sharing it. I’m well known for hogging the speakers at any event, party or even in the car, so it seemed to make sense that I should have my own radio show.
I’ve spent the last five or six years travelling and working abroad. From Austria to Switzerland to Portugal, I’ve loved living abroad and learning about new cultures. Along these travels I’ve truly broadened my musical taste, and I like to bring all the music I’ve found when travelling back to my friends and family at home. (And now my Speysound Listeners!)

I also play the ukulele myself, which I started learning a few years ago. I struggled a lot before ever managing to learn an instrument, after picking up and dropping piano and guitar. However, with the ukulele I found great joy, and suddenly was able to enjoy being a part of the music rather than listening to it. During my travels I spent many nights jamming with other musicians and my ukulele playing has improved massively, however, I do it for the love of playing and don’t particularly enjoy performing for people. I did face one of my fears however, and used to perform every week with a band in Portugal, however there I was only singing rather than playing ukulele.
I’m also an artist, poet and (sometimes) photographer. I love creating things basically!



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