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Gareth McCarthy

A frustrated non-musician who always wanted to play, but the muse passed me by, as did any useful talent, so if I can’t play an instrument I’ll play the music and appreciate all that can do it. Being an upper middle aged person who still believes he’s in his 20s, I sometimes act even younger. My real job is with Highland Council, but my dream job would be radio presenting all day long. I am extrovert and really confident, not arrogant as some may say and am happy when doing something that involves music or showing off. I’m a reliable person who will put myself out to make others happy, but doesn’t suffer fools gladly and will always give someone a chance. I’m a good friend who listens and tries to help. As a qualified Life Coach and motivator I always recommend music as the cure to everything. I’m a ‘glass half full’ person most of the time, but I can have ‘half empty’ days, as we all can. That’s me; a bit complicated at times, but still well rounded and I don’t just mean my body.