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Mothtown Records is Esme’s art collective, born in the tiny village of Carrapteira, Portugal where she spent the summer working in a restaurant in the village square. In summer the village is full of tourists and surfers and there was live music almost every night in the square which brought locals and tourists alike together. Harmony. It was a beautiful place to live, always alive in the night-time. It was like watching moths to a flame. As winter drew close, the tourists left and the village became silent, and dark. The locals began to show their darker side, which as a romantic and poet Esme found fascinating to watch. However, due to “mob” like drama the restaurant she worked in closed and she saw the village, that was once bustling, beautiful and full of life slowly disappear. She left the town, but holds it dear in her heart. Esme and her friends named it Mothtown, and in turn named their art collective Mothtown Records.
It is a broad collection of art, poetry, music and more which acts as a light for people to emerge from the darkness to find.

The music Esme plays reflects this idea of Mothtown. It is life and brightness in the dark, it is family and togetherness and hope. It is melancholy and nostalgic.
All genres of music can be heard on the show.
If you want to find new music, Esme recommends listening.
Neo-jazz, soul, mellow electronic, psychedelic rock, latin american, dance music, surf rock, world music. Music that will make you feel, dance or cry.

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Esme Forrest

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