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for Businesses

Sponsorship packages start at just £65 for station sponsorship which gives the sponsor one message per week for 13 weeks. Programme sponsorships are also available starting at £260 for 2 mentions per hour for 26 weeks.

Please see the following documents for full details which you may download for your convenience.

On-Air Sponsorship Packages – Information & Rates
On-Air Sponsorship Packages – Price Matrix for Current Schedule
On-Air Sponsorship Agreement Form – Bronze Packages
On-Air Sponsorship Agreement Form – Silver & Gold Packages
Sponsorship Support Information
FM Coverage Map



Advertising Agreement Form


Weekly Campaign Cost Number of Plays Per Day Ave. Cost Per Play
£70 1 £10
£126 2 £9
£224 4 £8
£294 6 £7
£336 8 £6
£420 12 £5
£672 24 £2

5% for campaigns of more than 2 weeks duration
10% for campaigns of more than 4 weeks duration
15% for campaigns of more than 8 weeks duration

Please contact Speysound for pricing if you don’t see a package here that suits, let us know what your budget is and we can work on something together.

A production charge of £20.00 + VAT is applicable unless the advertiser provides their own broadcast-ready advert. Maximum advert duration is 40 seconds.

The maximum campaign duration is one year.  However, broadcasting of the advert need not be continuous during the campaign; advertisers can advise on a schedule which suits their needs.  Advertisers may also change their advert up to three times during a campaign at no extra charge, unless Speysound Radio is producing the advert in house, in which case the standard production fee advised above will apply to each new advert.

The only restriction with respect to advert broadcasting is that each advert can only be played once per hour (i.e. a maximum of 24 broadcasts per day).


Please send completed sponsorship and advertising forms to:
Speysound Radio
PO Box 7090
Grantown on Spey
PH26 9AH

or email them to