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The Voice of Reason

Some years ago Douglas did a show called ‘Music Was My First Love’ using John Miles’ ‘Music’ as his theme tune, which then changed into ‘The Big Banker’ simply because his surname is Coutts and Coutts is the world famous Queen’s Bank. Then Douglas announced in his show one night, “This is the voice of reason, the sound of the world”; the station controller loved it and asked him to rename the show once again and so he was no longer a big banker. Douglas became ‘The Voice Of Reason’, although he did have a friend record a jingle for him where she added ‘debatable’ at the end. We leave you to judge.

Douglas has loved music for as long as he can remember and also has a passion for radio. He plays music from the 50s to the present day and has even been known to play tunes from the 20s, and that’s scary as that’s 100 years ago! If you fancy a request just get in touch.

Music was his first love and it will be his last. Or is it Radio?



Douglas Coutts



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