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Sponsored Shuffle Sessions 24 Hour Show!

We are going for 24 hours of Shuffle Session madness in the hope of raising a wodge of cash for Speysound Radio!…. it may not be of World Record status but it will certainly be of Speysound Record status!

Due to ‘dog commitments’ it’s Cath that will be taking on this epic challenge and Pete will doing a fair stint himself, but not the full 24 hours, he will be making sure all the right buttons are being pressed though and delivering the coffee!

The Rules: Cath is allowed a five-minute break for every hour on air, or she can save it up for a longer sleep later on.

01/05/19 Post Show update….

Right folks, some sleep has been caught up on so time for an update and a few thank yous! Up until now we have a grand total of £1510 donated to Speysound Radio – an enormous amount and way beyond what we expected. It started at 11am on Sunday and finished 24 hours later at 11am Monday – one presenter, one continuous show. Done! From me, Cath and the team a massive thank you.

Thank you to the awesome other half of the #shufflesessions Peter Wright for all of the music organisation, salad purchasing (?), help, support and awesomeness. Thanks to Kate for staying for the first few hours, tuning in for the rest until the battery ran out and coming back at the end! Our first guests were the hilarious Karen and Dave from Grantown East Highland Heritage and Cultural Centre, they brought beer and pizza, yummy pizza and even a lemon meringue pie pizza! Next my fab friends Viki and Elliot came in and entertained me with all the ‘musicals’. Ewan, Truus and wee Oliver from Barns Campsite arrived, kept us laughing, but they had questionable music choices! Megan from Megan’s Mixtape and Sarah launched themselves into the studio before a chippie tea, they brought auction prizes and laughter (and we were all in awe of what a responsible adult type person thing Sarah is), they were hotly followed by Speysound royalty Pete and Donna – they brought fantastic goodies to keep us going! Disney hour kicked off with my friends Maree, Eve and Erin Louise and we finished with a bedtime story as chosen by the lovely Skye and Sophie. Are you tired yet? I know I was starting to feel it……

We got a second wind at 7pm and Jim from ACE Adventures & Hideaways – Play, Stay, & Learn swung by – he reminded us that lack of sleep was not a good thing! At 8pm it all kicked off as our very own ‘country boys’ tried to convert me Country music….Duncan and Gordon it nearly worked! Thanks to Rebecca of The Red Sock Launderette & Cleaning Service for making the most amazing salad packed with squeaky cheese and homemade falafel, plus marmalade sandwiches for Pete! The Wastelands with PJ started at 9pm and we had a very cringe worthy 10 minutes playing ‘Mr and Mrs’…. Paul also got his birthday card from Megan and we got easter eggs! Then we had a few hours of much needed quiet and a bit of a chill out, thank you to Steph and Becca for keeping me going and Kate until the battery ran out and Pete C when he was awake! Around 4am tears were shed when our £700 shot up to £1000 when the Carrbridge Hotel revealed they had had a whip round for us the night before and raised £300! Peter returned and I got a break somewhere in between!

Part 2 of Karen and Dave started around 4.30am – they brought coffee (or brown water of sadness according to Dave). Jack bounded in at 5am with pastries, berries and super smoothies and more importantly a puppy!!! I didn’t get to keep the puppy but by this time we were entering our last few hours and the money was creeping up. Our last visitor was Keith from Loch Morlich Watersports and he brought the sunshine and beaches with him. By now beds are calling, the last hour has arrived we’ve raised a tremendous amount and it keeps creeping up. Karen and Neil have been listening in during breakfast service and their guests were very impressed apparently! My Mum, Dad and brother appear and Sheila from Speysound! Pete’s folks and brother have been listening on and off all 24 hours!

We are done. 24 hours in the bag, a great team effort and thank you to Kate for my flowers and a hug oooo and the ginger tiffin!
Same time next year?! Thanks also to The Strathy for their support and coverage.