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August 25, 2018

Thunder in the Glens 2018

90 Days
8 Hours
5 Minutes

September 2, 2018

Motor Mania 2018

98 Days
8 Hours
5 Minutes


Speysound Radio

18 hours 36 seconds ago

Well hello shipmates it’s a bit of a chilly start this morning but I’m sure you’ll warm up when you tune into Saturday Morning Mayhem on Speysound Radio 107.1fm and Speysound.com. There’s jolly japes and frivolity, they are the new accountants , banter and loads of music. Poetry corner seems to have been welcomed back with aplomb and this week we hope to continue the euphoria. We are however , as usual ,stuck for a rhyme. Got hat and cat but nothing springs to mind any help appreciated. So let’s head into the wind and hold on as it may be a bit choppy ahoy ahoy

Speysound Radio

1 day 7 hours ago

Saturday 2 am! Broadcasting from our sister station KISL 88.7 FM Avalon (But available on Speysound of course!) Megan’s Mixtape with very special guest... The Freakdog!!!! Then straight after, at 3 am we have The World Famous Kissel Radio Hour The Freakdog has kindly allowed me to sit in on his show! So why not stay awake all night and listen? P.S. there will be encore presentations if you do decide to choose sleep!

Speysound Radio

1 day 16 hours ago

You may not want to race the train, or perhaps you have entered but Speysound will be broadcasting live from Dalfaber to speed the runners on their way. PJ is flying the flag for Speysound so won't be a presenter on the day but you can come and meet some of your favourite presenters on 2 June.

Speysound Radio

1 day 19 hours ago

and now a word(s) from the Freakdog -

Last week's show was so much fun that Megan M. Mixtape will be back again with me in the studio this week!! (Not because she necessarily wants to be, it's contractual, actually. Anyone remember the 'I'm stuck here for 3 hours!' comment?) Anyone?

And Plus! the show was such a success that Megan and I are now and will continue to be influencing people all over the world for better or for worse, so tune in to find out which one it will be. We didn't ask for this power, believe you me. We did not. Right, on with it now...

The World Famous Kissel Radio Hour

Encore presentation - Friday 9pm. Relive the show that impregnated me with influence over my fellow man and my mug on the cover of a magazine that's barely a step above heat magazine. Prepare to be whelmed.

LIVE! Broadcast - Saturday 3am. Not the same old show by any means!! Megan M. Mixtape will be my guest so hear is another episode you won't want to miss.

Don't forget Megan's Mixtape LIVE at 2am! That's right before this show. If I promise to behave you may even hear me somewhere in the background.

ladies and gentlemen, let us get into character and dig...

Speysound Radio

2 days 7 hours ago

Ceilidh time again at Speysound 107.1fm and on line at Speysound.com

Speysound Radio

2 days 13 hours ago

This week's Out and About show was made at the grand opening of Grantown Museum's new exhibition, Strathspey in the Great War. Hear about it, hear the views of the people at the opening and come and visit.

Do you have stories to relate? Talk to the folks at the museum to let them know!

Speysound Radio

3 days 16 hours ago

Did you sleep through Megan’s Mixtape with very special guest The Freakdog? It’s ok... encore presentations are tonight (Wednesday) at 7pm and Friday at 1pm.

Speysound Radio

4 days 6 hours ago

Bit chilly this evening so stay in and tune in to Generally Jazz on Speysound Radio 107.1fm and Speysound.com 7:00 to 9:00 . Loads of good stuff including Gregory Porter , Oscar Peterson and Snowboy but kicking off with Horace Silver

Speysound Radio

5 days 11 hours ago

I'm doing Pete's Beat tonight at 7.00. I can play the music I want to. Wow!