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August 25, 2018

Thunder in the Glens 2018

96 Days
2 Hours
24 Minutes

September 2, 2018

Motor Mania 2018

104 Days
2 Hours
24 Minutes


Speysound Radio

21 hours 44 minutes ago

Paying homage to the Power Ballad

Speysound Radio

1 day 2 hours ago

Speysound Radio shared Grant Gallagher's post.

Well this is a first, Sunday Breakfast live from a Tipi somewhere in the Death Valley National Park.
Tune in from 8.00am - 10.00am
Streaming live on Stirling City Radio

Please remember the WiFi I’m using might not be the best link possible but it’s worth trying

Speysound Radio

1 day 23 hours ago

Out and About is on track, folks. Today the Parkrun, yesterday the WW1 exhibition at Grantown Museum. Here are the GGS children gathering moss to make field dressings.

Speysound Radio

1 day 23 hours ago

I'm off to the Aviemore Parkrun this morning. Joining may be an ambition for the future but I'm hirpling along with my recording equipment to see if I can talk to people and make an Out and About show.

Speysound Radio

1 day 23 hours ago

Ahoy shipmates all suited and booted for the big day so tune into Saturday Morning Mayhem on Speysound Radio 107.1fm and Speysound.com 8:00 to 10:00 and we can talk about the main event of the day. Kick off 3:00 and let’s see if Kilmarnock can do it. The limerick corner has returned and as usual we are stuck we have canny and nanny but struggling to find a third rhyme . Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Almost forgot to mention the other event taking place today so just to say Chelsea/ Utd 5:45 kick off right so we are just about to sail so no spitting or speaking to the driver while the show is in motion hold tight yeeeee haaa

Speysound Radio

2 days 13 hours ago

The next edition of Megan’s Mixtape will be broadcasting from our sister station in California KISL 88.7 FM Avalon featuring special guest The Freakdog! Then I will be sticking around to co-host The World Famous Kissel Radio Hour !!!!! Megan’s Mixtape at 2am and then The World Famous Kissel Radio Hour at 3am. Love from Megan.M.Mixtape and The Freakdog

Speysound Radio

3 days 3 hours ago

and now a word(s) from the Freakdog -

Star of the silver screen and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger would like to present to you the BIG REVEAL! Ladies and gentlemen, what you've all been waiting for...

My special in-studio guest will be none other than the always punctual and ever effervescent-

Megan M. Mixtape!!!

Yes, Megan is here on Catalina Island and I'm very excited to have her in studio with me, as should you be (and as always includes my one listener in Stornoway) One of the greatest radio events to ever blanket the beauty know as the Scottish Highlands is so close you can almost taste it. Mmmmmmm.

The World Famous Kissel Radio Hour

Encore presentation - Friday 9pm. This show was a decent one but it will get you prepped for, wait for it...

LIVE! Broadcast - Saturday 3am. Surprise! I'm so excited to have Megan M. Mixtape on the show tonight. Even though you will get a second chance to hear this show next week, you won't forgive yourself if you miss the live broadcast and quite frankly, I'm not certain that I won't be able to forgive you either. I just want to be up front with you on that. I care about you all enough to be open and honest with you. The End.

Don't forget Megan's Mixtape LIVE at 2am! That's right before this show.

ladies and gentlemen, let us get into character and dig...

Speysound Radio

4 days 12 hours ago

Speysound Radio shared Health and Happiness in the Highlands's post.

The partners we are celebrating today in helping to promote and improve the lives of people with learning disabilities are Lewis Thomson from the wonderful Speysound Radio and Elsie Normington and all the staff at Merkinch Community Centre! Lewis is broadcasting our interview from last year with an update for the #LDWeek2018, midday today, 1700 on Friday and Sunday and midday next Tuesday on 107.1fm and internet. And at Merkinch, we welcomed the first people to the six week cookery course, led by Maureen! Spaghetti bolognese followed by pancakes and ice cream! This is part of our ongoing workshops to connect people to cooking for themselves alongside connecting to friendship and community! Thank you to everyone supporting us!

Speysound Radio

5 days 3 hours ago

Encore tonight at 7pm! speysound.com