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February 22, 2019

An Evening of Mediumship

33 Days
14 Hours
23 Minutes


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Speysound Radio

7 hours 8 minutes ago

10-Midnight... the Shuffle (or rather shiver) Sessions. It’s 7oC in the studio! Warm us up with your positive vibes!!!

We have post!!!! Thanks Freyja! Our number one fan!!

Speysound Radio

18 hours 25 minutes ago

Speysound Radio

21 hours 10 minutes ago

Ahoy shipmates it’s a chilly one out there today so turn that heating up and listen in to Saturday Morning Mayhem on Speysound Radio 107.1fm and Speysound.com 8:00 to 10:00. We will be having some talking points and the soapbox will potentially be coming out. There could well be a limerick and japes and tomfoolery, they are the new accountants, and some excellent music. Let’s not forget it’s the anniversary of the how many laxative chocolates can I eat competition, there’ll be a short service of remembrance for last years winner on the poop deck . Still let’s get ready to rumble yeeee haa and away we go

Photos from Speysound Radio's post

Speysound Radio

1 day 8 hours ago

Pete is out Shuffling and listening to the Shuffle Sessions.... tonight somewhere between Boat and Aviemore on the Speyside Way! Stunning night in the Cairngorms!

Where you listening?

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Speysound Radio

1 day 10 hours ago

Friday night, it’s the weekend let’s bring it in with the Shuffle Sessions between 7pm and 9pm and then a bit of the world Famous Kissel Radio hour....

Tune in your wireless to 107.1fm or listen via the magic of the web at www.speysound.com

Shuffle on!!!!!

Speysound Radio

1 day 11 hours ago

New broadcast of Megan’s Mixtape, Saturday at 2am. Blasting the winter blues (and your eardrums) away with scuzzy, lo-fi, short, shouty punk rock! The image below says it all! Stay awake, tune in and enjoy! Speysound.com

Speysound Radio

1 day 21 hours ago

and now a word(s) from the Freakdog -

I surprised James Watt with a magic ride for his birthday today. We dressed warmly because the weather called for ice. Now, I thought it was the slip on, collects in your moustache, chill your drink, ice. But as you can see, it called for the show me your papers, what's in the hourglass with handcuffs ICE. There is a BIG difference! Now, on with show biz...

The World Famous Kissel Radio Hour

Encore presentation - Friday 9pm. I just enjoyed a delicious piece of carrot cake and asked myself, 'Do we make cakes out of anything else that grows underground?' There are potato pancakes, but that's not the same.

LIVE! Broadcast - Saturday 3am. Sweet potato pie isn't a cakes so I guess the answer is two fold.
1 fold - no.
2 fold - enjoy the show.

Don't forget Megan's Mixtape LIVE at 2am! That's right before this show.

ladies and gentlemen, let us get into character and dig...

Speysound Radio

2 days 9 hours ago

🎶Ceilidh time 🎶just in a few minutes 107.1 fm and on line at speysound.com
Tune in for a reel or two🎧🎤🎶🎶🎶🎶

Speysound Radio

Speysound Radio

2 days 11 hours ago

Speysound Radio

2 days 13 hours ago