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Speysound Radio

4 hours 22 minutes ago

Well batten down the hatches mateys there’s a cold one blowing in but stay cosy with Saturday Morning Mayhem on Speysound Radio 107.1fm and Speysound.com. Firstly the answer to last weeks riddle , what is pink and hard in the morning it was of course the Financial Times crossword. Anyone with a different answer you should be ashamed of yourself. Saying that I will accept the answer a pig with a flick knife as well. It’s a bit icy on deck this morning so take care as we don’t want anymore accidents as I got caught on the rowlocks earlier in the week. I was talking with a high pitched voice for a few days but I’m back to baritone now. To finish today just a thought how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood asking for a friend. Anchors away yee haa

Speysound Radio

13 hours 10 minutes ago

Instead of going to sleep, stay up and party!!!! New broadcast at 2am! Speysound.com

Speysound Radio

1 day 3 hours ago

and now a word(s) from the Freakdog -

When I run out of time and ideas, my only offering for the show promo is a picture of feet.
Yes, feet.
It may not seem like much (til you note the Bob Ross socks) and doesnt really have anything to do with the show but if it weren't for feet, you wouldn't be where you are today. You'd still be where you were born or where your mother last set you down. Or maybe you are one of those determined types that would have dragged themselves from point A to point B with their lips and fingertips, point B being the radio which you turn to 'On' and listen to the show...

The World Famous Kissel Radio Hour

Encore presentation - Friday 9pm. Now don't get all upset, if you didn't have feet there are wheelchairs and plus the advances that have been made in prosthetic limbs is pretty amazing

LIVE! Broadcast - Saturday 3am. Now, this is very important, if you want the full effect of the show, tune in at 2am for 'Megan's Mixtape' am enjoy that show first in its own right. Believe me, you don't want to miss it. A brand new episode that you'll ride so high on, the transition between shows will be almost seamless

ladies and gentlemen, let us get into character and dig...

Speysound Radio

2 days 1 hour ago

Speysound Radio shared Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig's event.

A very special visitor is coming to the Highland Wildlife Park this Christmas... Families coming to the Park in December may get the chance to meet Saint Nick himself!

Santa will be visiting us on select weekends during the festive period. Join him and Walker, our polar bear mascot for a range of activities to help get you in the Christmas spirit. You can even take part in our Santa walks at 11:30am and 2:30pm to watch Father Christmas feed our very own reindeer!

Watch out for further details coming soon. This event is free with Park admission, remember you can save when you book in advance online.

Speysound Radio

2 days 21 hours ago

Encore presentation of Megan’s Mixtape, tonight at 7pm. Speysound.com

Speysound Radio

2 days 22 hours ago

Our presenters are generous folks. I just did all my seasonal shopping at Amazon on Gareth McCarthy's account. Thanks, Gareth! 😀

Speysound Radio

3 days 17 hours ago

Winter is upon us so warm up with Generally Jazz on Speysound Radio 107.1fm and Speysound.com 7:00 to 9:00. Lots of good things such as Tony Allen, Jan Garbarek and Joshua Redman but kicking off with Hank Jones

Speysound Radio

1 week 4 hours ago

Ahoy there it’s a cold one this morning but no wind as yet, that curry obviously hasn’t worked thorough. Keep the porthole shut for a while and listen to Saturday Morning Mayhem on Speysound Radio 107.1fm and Speysound.com 8:00 to 10:00. We are paying a tribute to Armistice Day and I’ve nothing but respect for that so fun and games will continue but some serious moments today and I recommend some tissues to hand. Quick riddle what’s pink and hard in the morning. Answer later. Anyhoo hold on tight and away we go

Speysound Radio

1 week 17 hours ago

New broadcast at 2am! Can you stay up that late? Can you get up that early? Encore presentations Wednesday 7pm and Friday 1pm speysound.com