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Douglas Coutts

Douglas Coutts was born in Glasgow in 1959, in the Gorbals. He went to school there for a few months, then moved to Castlemilk in Glasgow. His original house in the Gorbals is now demolished, as is the school. His schools and house in Castlemilk are also demolished. There’s a pattern building here! His first recollection of radio is hearing ‘Telstar’ by The Tornadoes in about 1963. This is where he got his love for all things radio and music.

Douglas cites his radio heroes as Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, Johnny Walker, Stuart Henry, Kenny Everett and ‘Daffy’ Don Allen. Growing up, he was a regular listener to Radio Caroline, Radio Luxembourg and his favourite, Radio Northsea International. His ambition growing up was to broadcast on the tranny; well it looks like he has managed it.

He has a wide taste in music from the 30s to the current day. Douglas has worked on Hospital Radio and even on a Community Radio Station broadcast from a shed, in the very early days of Internet Radio. He can often be found on a beach in Lossiemouth cooking food on an open fire listening to a radio and has collected so many radios over the years that he now has to sleep in the shed.

He was once given the tag of ‘The Voice Of Reason’ which he has adopted as his radio show name. Douglas is thrilled to be part of Speysound Radio’s team of volunteer presenters.


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